Victoria Hotel | Nafplio Argolis


Kitesurfing operating in the summer months in Argos Argolida Learn to kitesurf in the shallow waters of Dalamanara Beach Argos,( under the expert tuition of our IKO certified instructors.

Steady thermal winds during the summer months ensure quick progression for beginners. You can test and Rent the latest kiteboarding gear from CABRINHA,NORTH KITES,SPLEENE BOARDS,MYSTIC,ION. Only 1:15 from Athens you are in the best place in Greece for kitesurf.


Nafplio is widely known as an ideal photographic destination of Greece. Venetian balconies, castles, turrets, arcades, canons and many other spots are only a few of what we can capture through a perfect photographic angle.

Regardless the quality of our camera and the level of knowledge, professional photographer undertakes to teach us the secrets of our photographic camera, while learning and practicing the art of landscape, street and architecture photography.

Victoria Hotel | Nafplio Argolis
Victoria Hotel | Nafplio Argolis


Visit the endless vineyards of Nemea, the place where Hercules killed the lion and performed the first of his 12 labors, and taste the secrets of wine and winemaking.

Learn about the Nemean games at the archaeological site of Nemea and its stadium and then visit a local winery and a traditional vinegar production unit (or depending on the period a second winery) and taste unique varieties of wine, accompanied by Greek delicacies. Meet their producers and discuss with them the details of wine-making in the Greek land.


We love bikes. Rent a bike and explore all narrow passages of the city. Most Nafplio’s narrow paved streets are accessible either by bike, or on foot.

Let us know prior to your arrival and we will prepare everything for you.

Victoria Hotel | Nafplio Argolis