COVID - 19

“Hotel Victoria” is changing the cleaning rules that were applied so far and is introducing new preventive measures aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus.

We protect the health of our guests and give special importance to small details. The new data of social distancing forced us to take immediate action and do the following.

1. Installation of a special protective glass onto the reception desk in order to prevent the spread of germs.

2. Addition of antiseptics to all common areas, in prominent places.

3. Special signs-reminders for the distance maintenance as well as for hygiene tips, both at the entrance of the hotel and at the common areas.

4. Disinfection and cleanliness of the entrance, reception, elevators and shared bathrooms, using special disinfectants that remove pathogenic germs.

5. Continuous cleaning and disinfection of common areas.
6. Use of face mask, gloves and disposable suit by the housekeeping staff.

7. Regular disinfection and disinfestation by a specialized and certified cleaning service.

8. Introduction of new cleaning tools (steam cleaners, certified disinfectants, etc.).

9. Sterilization of key cards with the help of UV radiation.

10. Disinfection of all common in-room sources of germs (handles, phone devices, remote controls, switches, etc.).

11. Remove menus, room labels, notebooks and pens that are sources of germs.

12. Disinfection of bed linen at 80 Celsius degrees.

13. Cancellation of buffet breakfast. Breakfast will be served only with room service.

14. Possibility of online c/in, contactless credit card transaction or e-banking payment.

15. New reduced room rates excluding breakfast.

16. Selection from three different breakfast menus that arrive in the room at a disposable biodegradable food tray and are placed outside the room to avoid contact with the guest.

We remain at your entire disposal,
Hotel Victoria Team